Friday, April 27, 2007


Thats right folks. Its Friday lets hear a "Hip hip hoo-rah" from the peanut gallery!

Today is starting off excellent!

Not only is it once again around 70, sunny and blue skies, but I received my Swap Package from Mimi!!!

I am thrilled to pieces with what she sent me! I can not wait to show it all off to you, but I need to get home so I can arrange and properly photograph everything! it is all going to go to great use and I am amazed at the talent that Mimi has - thank you so very much for your generosity and kindness Mimi!

Pictures to come.....

This Friday is also my last day of work for, get this, FOUR whole days! I actually get to take the public holiday off for a change! I'm not sure yet what I am going to accomplish for the weekend, for taking a look at my WIP listing on my sidebar, I sure as heck had better finish a few things!

Okay, I need to get to work and get a few things done today so I can leave for my 4 day break with a clear conscience - I hate having things left unfinished!

Mimi - Thank you again! I will be getting your package out Priority Air-Mail to you tomorrow! I hope that you will be pleased with what I am sending.


Mimi said...

Yay, I'm surprised too! I'm glad it was right on schedule (2 weeks)...hope you enjoy your cooking more with the kitchen accessories I sent you :D

DixieRedHead said...

Cant wait to see pics! oh and TGIF!!

Kimberly said...

Pictures have been posted in the next post!

Vik said...

Oh yes, feels good to have 4 days free! Me too!