Monday, April 02, 2007

On the road to recovery....

Many thanks to all of you for the get well wishes - they really meant a lot to me to read! I am starting to get better - I am now left with a plugged nose and a hacking cough.

My fever peaked at about 102°, which is for me the equivalent of 103° - my normal body temperature is not the 98.6 that we all have pounded into our heads, but right around 97.4 - 97.6 I'm a cold blooded type of girl I guess!

I did get my submission in on time on Friday, which meant that I had the WHOLE weekend off - no work, no e-mails, no text messages checking on progress......nada! The weather was nice, so I bundled up and went for several long walks with the boyfriend from my apartment into the center of Brussels. A nice walk, and the fresh air and exercise is helping me regain some equilibrium after working so much and then getting sick and still working.

On the Craft front, not a whole lot accomplished. This having a boyfriend does seem to limit the time that I can craft...for some odd reason he wants my attention to be on him and not my yarn.....go figure!

So to recap my list from almost 2 weeks ago that I wanted to get some items knocked off plus the addition of my other WIPs that I can think of:

Peach Doily *** No updates
Triangle Potholder * No updates
Monkey (1 of 2) ** No updates
Hat *** No updates
Sideways B-lace Scarf * Finished - need to get the pattern posted
Crazy Stitch Potholder ** 10 of 15 rounds
Cabbage Patch Bathing Suit * Finished!!!!!!!!
Baby Slippers * No updates
Doll Sweater *** No updates
Baby Blanket *** No updates
Blue Jean Bag *** No updates
Cross Stitch Wall Hanging ** No updates

* = small time required ** = moderate time required *** = large time required

I hope that having to keep re-typing this list will give me some incentive to start working on them.....soon


Pink said...

Glad you are feeling better, try to take it easy until you are properly recovered...easier said than done, I know.

Mimi said...

Nice walk, fresh air and exercise and with someone dear to wonderful! Forget the WIPs ;)