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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Roaring and ready to go!

I've shaken off the last of the cold and I am now fit as a fiddle!

Before I forget - does anyone have a MySpace account? I don't use mine much, but my friends from back home have been pestering me about it, so I am trying to get better about accessing it and visiting others pages. Here is mine:

Oh ugh! Last night I passed the shop that is located in the ground floor of my building and had a WTF moment. This is what was in the window:

I really care not to think about how much money they are asking for it. Its literally a bag with pieces of shinny raffia (I think thats the word) cut up and plastered all over the bag. Not my cup of tea......I really wonder how long it will be until someone buys it. Perhaps on Saturday I'll venture in to see what the price tag is. For comparison, they were selling a piece of ribbon to tie back your hair for $50 and a simple stockinette scarf in acrylic for $75. Some flip-flops with seed beads were going for $125

Okay, its now been 9 months since I met the BF...where is the time going? Here is a picture of the two of us that I snapped with my cell phone this weekend. Apologies for my windblown hair look - we had just arrived to a bar to watch the soccer matches and had walked the 5 miles from my apartment in rather windy conditions.

Ooooohhhhhh! I was in HEAVEN last night! I had Dominos Pizza - yumm!! There are 4 shops here in Brussels, and I finally passed one of them the other day. None would deliver to my apartment, so it was necessary to go pick it up, but I could never find them. Needless to say, now that I know where it is, I will be going back for more! Even the bf agreed with me that it was better than the Pizza Hut here!

Nothing new on the Crafty Front.....will see if I can actually get something else comlpeted this week. The pattern on the scarf has been hand written - now to just type it up and get it posted!

Happy Crafting!


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