Friday, April 20, 2007

Trains, taxis and metros

I took a whirldwind trip to my favorite city in Europe, leaving at 7:30 am and getting home at 11pm to give training to several co-workers. In the title are those places where I had the pleasure of crocheting yesterday. Did not finish anything, but made progress on seveal items. It is only an hour and 20 minutes on the train, so not a whole lot of time.

Here are a few pics I snapped with my cell phone - I did not bring my camera as I was not sure if I would have time to actually visit the city (the office is about an hour south-west of the actually city - mainly due to traffic congestion which is HORRIBLE!). but I was able to find 2 hours to do a quick walkthrough of my favorite buildings.

In real life this was a cool snap shot, but the cell phone darkened the sign too much, c'est la vie.

The Walls of a museum near the Eifle Tower (I forgot the name of it - apologies) - a faux front covered with plants - very cool in real life!

It does not matter how many pictures I take of it, I always take more..something magestic about it rising out of the sky ilne like it does.


Mimi said...

Wonderful pics! You have a cool cell phone ;) I was able to get a souvenir of that tower in the form of a keychain ;)

Vik said...

Can´t believe you took such good ones with the cell phone! Look like professional pictures!