Monday, April 16, 2007

When I woke up this morning.....

You were on my mind, you were on my mind. I've got troubles oooooh oooooh........

I do so hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine involved spending an obscene amount at the Grocery store, doing another 10 loads of laundry (still have another 10 to go.....honestly!), a little bit of shopping (books and clothes and 1 crochet hook) and a whole lot of nothing!

Crocheting and knitting you ask? Well I did work a fair amount on my cross stitch project - I have 2 of the 4 characters outlined, I need to finish Tigger and Eeyore along with a few embellishments on Piglet that I've not done yet.

I've also been working on the items for the kitchen swap with Mimi.....heres a snap shot of one of the items.....notice the dreaded ends? Lets just say that I am not even half way done with them being tied in.....tonight hopefully!

I also made Mimi a hot pad that is my own design....I saw a similar one on a blog and it stuck in my head haunting me so I sat down and figured out how to do something similar.....its not the same as the one I saw, but along those lines.
As for the Cro-tatting, it is coming along - I've actually managed to finish a few of the loops on my first project. I'll have to stick at it - I might try switching hook sizes with the yarn I'm using - perhaps that would make things easier for me. I found a few different Cro-Tat pattern books in my collection, so I have a few patterns that I can try out.
I did buy some cream colored thread this weekend. I have a runner pattern that is worked in motifs that I've been thinking about doing for over 2 years now......I figure that now is as good a time as any to start it, and hopefully it will be done before Christmas!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Mimi said...

Oh Kimberly, you got me excited on what you are making for me! I love the colors on that...and I do need a hotpad, thanks! :D