Monday, April 16, 2007

Kimberly Kimberly bo Bimberly

Banana fana fo Fimberly.......
Mee mi mo Mimberly.....

Introducing my take on the Name Game! I've seen this on several blogs recently.....Sara, Netter, Sue......

Here is my version!

Your Name: Kimberly
Famous Artist/Musician/Band: Kelly Clarkson
3 letter word: Kip
Street name: Kimberly Drive (My Aunt and Uncle live on it)
Color: Khaki
Vehicle: Ka (Ford)
TV Show: Knight Rider
State/City: Kansas City, Kansas
Boy Name: Kyle
Girl Name: Kimberly…..okay, Kristen
Alcoholic Drink: Kamikaze
Occupation: Knight
Flower: Kansas Feather (not really sure what this is…..googled plant names….I cheated!)
Celebrity: Katie Couric
Famous Leader: King Arthur
Toy: Kite
Animal: Kitten
Food: Kippers
Something found in a kitchen: Knife
Reason for Being Late: Killer traffic
Something You Throw Away: Kleenex (used of course)
Cartoon Character: Kanga (Winnie the Pooh)
Type of desert: Key Lime Pie (yummmmmmmmmmy)

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