Thursday, November 20, 2008

35 days and counting.....

Goodness yet another year flying by with only 35 days until Christmas.....And I have yet to start the majority of my originally intended holiday knitting or crocheting - oops!! I seem to do the same thing every year and wait and wait and wait and then Wham!  Not enough time to get anything done.....a plot you ask to get out of spending time and energy into crafting something got that right!
I did start a hat recently with some of the yarn I bought the last time I was in Argentina - it is turning out pretty so far!  Will see if I can actually finish it this year!
I also have a few other small projects on the hooks and needles which are close to being done and could become Christmas gifts if needed. 
A few dishcloths and potholders should be put together along with perhaps some coffee cup sleeves or mug warmers!  Quick and easy is what I need this year, and a scarf is never quick or easy for me regardless of what others say - I have trouble staying focused on one project I think so multiple seem to be the way to go as long as they are small and fairly simple!
What are you planing for your holiday crafting?

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