Sunday, November 30, 2008

I think its done!

I've been working on an idea for a dishcloth, a knit dishcloth, and i think that I have it finally done.

I've charted out a design for a New Years cloth with a champagne bottle, 2 glasses & 2009 on the chart.

I just need to print off the instructions and go back through the written details versus the charted details to make sure everything is in alignment as I made changes to the chart several times as I went along.

Fingers crossed, it will be ready to be published by the time I return from Z├╝rich on Wednesday night!

I've had several ideas for charted dishcloths floating in my head - its a nice feeling to get one onto paper. I charted it out using my handy dandy excel and then pasted the chart as a picture into my document, so hopefully all is readable! My only fear is that now every time I open Excel for work I will start thinking of knitting charts......not going to make my new boss that happy if my productivity goes down!

Okay, I need to finish doing dishes from the cookie making experience! Great fun was had - my french is getting better as I was able to converse with the 5 year olds with no problem, although a few times they laughed after I said something....must have said it really wrong, but none the less they understood - yay!


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