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Friday, November 21, 2008

I do believe she is on a diet....

Otherwise the knit skirt I made for my niece's Cabbage Patch Kid would fit mine perfectly right????
I finished the skirt last night, grabbed my CPK doll to check the sizing out, and its seriously falling off her! 
My doll is fairly old...about 25 years old, so I am going to live in hope that my doll has just merely lost her figure over time and slimmed down a little bit.....okay, a whole lot of bits!  I'll take the skirt to the US with me and see if it will fit, otherwise I'll tear out the decrease rounds and do them over on smaller needles with a tighter gauge in hopes of modifying it to fit.  The bright side is that I don't need to sew anything then this week - yay!!!  =)
Having this come out so huge has put questions into my mind on the sweater.....I don't want to spend the time on that and then have it be way too big as well....I'll need to think about this one a little bit!
Oh well, I'll work some on my hat then and get some progress / pics of that going.
Have a great weekend!!


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