Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today is cookie baking day!

I am so excited to be making cookies today! Yummmmmyyyy!!!

My co-worker Marjorie and her two children are coming over. Will be interesting to see how my apartment handles two 5 year old twins! I am figuring that the boy will not last that long with cookie making, so its a good thing I have the PacMan game and the Wii to keep him entertained afterward! I also pulled out all of my kid movies so those are also a fall back, but I think the Wii should keep him well entertained!

Pictures of the event will be coming along with pictures of the finished cookies!

I am going to Zurich tomorrow morning for 3 days. Some issues came up on Thursday and Friday last week so I am going to Z├╝rich to straighten them out as best as I can. Or at least attempt to. It all depends on my new boss and the VP being behind my way of thinking which is at least more rationale than my colleagues in the US who started the issues.

Okay, must go get all the ingredients ready for the cookie making! I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!