Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow flakes are falling....

And not a one is sticking. I love watching the snow come down, I only wish it would stick around!

It is super cold here in Belgium this weekend, low in the 30s which is almost as rare as the snowflakes we have seen on and off all weekend. I'm not complaining though -I love the snow in any form. I even wish that we would have more than a few days of snowfall every year.

The hat I've been working on is coming along well. I still have not decided on how big I am going to make it.....I would like something that fully covers my ears as several of the hats I've made are a little too short for super cold days.

Meti has asked for another hat, so I need to get busy making that one. Not idea which pattern I am going to use. He looked through several of my patterns and picked out one that I already made him. Not going to re-do that one so I need to think about it. I'm thinking something rather simple - ribbed collar and then basic stockinette, but I've been in the mood for cables lately.....will wait until I finish my hat to decide so I have several days to think about it!

I am off to snuggle into a blanket and get warm - my apartment is freezing today as the 2 working heaters are not enough to warm the apartment the whole way through it seems.

Have a great Sunday!

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