Monday, April 11, 2005

Even the Taxi drivers think I'm weird!

As is usual on Monday (and just about every other day of the week) I did not want to drag my bum out of bed this morning. so, I was of course running a wee bit behind - normal ETA for work is between 9:30 and 10, well today I could not bother messing around with the bus and tram, so I called a taxi a little after 10...oops! So there I am, sitting in the back of the taxi, crocheting another little square for my star afghan when I notice that the taxi driver is staring at me. He has this odd little "you are such a freak" look on his if hes saying "What the heck is she doing???". I ignore him and go back to the square. For the rest of the taxi ride, every time I looked up he wes looking at me in the rear view mirror with a look of incredulous disbelief.....I could only laugh at him when I got out of the taxi at work!

I think that seeing someone in Brussels under the age of 75 doing any sort of yarn/thread work is an "oddity factor". I see tons of the cute scarfs and ponchos around, but I never see anyone with a hook in their hands! Its like Crocheting is something that one does behind closed doors with all of the draperies shut. Not this crocheter I say! Let them look, stare and gawk away....I'm continuing to crochet on the tram, bus, metro, random park bench AND the back of taxi cabs!


~drew emborsky~ said...

Good for you! Crochet in public, you'll start a new trend!!

justcinful said...

The only time that I have seen anyone here crocheting or knitting in public was at the convention that I went to. And that was for knitting & crocheting. I crochet in public all the time (now I knit as well). I get lots of stares, but noone says anything. I guess I am the one that everyone thinks as weifd as well. And you know how popular needlecrafts are in the US!