Thursday, April 07, 2005

WIP.......Star Afghan (post 1)

Argh! Bang Bang Bang Bang! Yes, its just one of those days! Had a nice post all typed up about the status of my Star Aghan, and I hit submit, and of course, Blogger has gone down and I lose all of my work (including the picture I had added in!) So here goes again....

Well, I am making great progress on my Star is probably one of the most widely travelled WIPs that I will ever have! So far it has been with me skiing in France, to Brugges and Gent on a road trip, to Zori's house, to a monthly craft night we have in Brussels, on the tram/bus/metro, to Paris for a weekend trip and to Florida & Disney World (with a stop over in Chicago)!

I have not taken a recent picture, but here is the status when I came back from Florida - I had the middle section finished, with all of the 16 outer squares, of which only 4 were joined by a wedge. Currently, I have added all the wedges and all of the sets to the middle and am working on the next round of borders!

Kimberlys Star Afghan WIP1

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Debi said...

Hi Kimberly,
I love your blog. Your star afghan is going to be gorgeous!

Have a blessed day!