Sunday, April 24, 2005

Where did the weekend go?

This had to be the fastest weekend ever recorded! I am not sure where the time went, but here it is Sunday night and I've yet to finish anything that I wanted to this weekend! I even neglected my laundry today in hopes of finishing at least a section of my Afghan!

I got way to excited trying to figure out what to do with some new yarn I bought on Saturday - it is Lang Yarns Opal Color in a variegated purple / blue - it is very pretty - I am sitting here with one of them next to me in hopes that inspiration will come on what to make with it...ok, so I can pet it also!

I absolutely dislike the fun fur! I bought some really funky color - Brazilia Color in lime, bright orange, light pink and purple in hopes of making on of those cool scarves, but after 4 rows I gave in, cut it off and sewed it together for a hair doo-dad - perhaps I will try it again once I start knitting, but until then its going into one of the tubs I bought for yarn storage!

Work is going to be bad this week - I am struggling with the change between jobs still (only 2 months later) and really not being able to keep up with both - its like I am being pulled in two directions at once like Stretch Armstrong - hope I don't break and everyone gets to see what's really inside me! I could normally handle the combination, but at the back of my mind I don't really think that it is my job to be doing it! The stress and combination of it all has been getting to me - I can tell that my concentration levels are way down at work - I just don't want to be there, even being excited about my new job and the projects I am working on there does not get me interested since I'm so bummed, pissed, frustrated, irate, postal, depressed that I am still doing the old job....They were so crappy about getting rid of me, that I don't feel the loyalty like I would normally do - if it was not for the people depending on the info, I would walk away, but many depending on the info are my friends and I can not let them down, but at the same time I am being let down by my former head honcho boss who does not see the importance of having my replacement take over my work.....ARGH!!!!

Okay, enough of that! On the list for this week is to finish 2 more corners of my Afghan, finish my doily and decide what to do with my frogged scarf UFO! I signed up for the Summer Secret Pal at Crochetville - I am so very excited to be doing this! It should be great fun! I am already plotting strategies for sending my little packages out to them.....oooh - I get to go shopping! Bonus happy!

Shopping!! I went to the new Ikea yesterday - its reachable by the Metro line, so I can go!! Yay!! I bought a candles, spatulas, dish cloths, a cute little wicker basket, some clear all glass picture frame to post my black & white travel photos and a Rolling Pin! The rolling pin is my favorite....I can make pies now!

Last thing - Friday is craft night with the girls from work - can not wait to see what they have been working on lately! I'm bringing desert - which probably does not surprise anyone that knows me! Now I need to figure out what it will be...oooh - the possibilities!


Debi said...

Hi Kimberly,
Hope you don't mind, but I swiped your button. It's very pretty!
Have a blessed day!

Kimberly said...

Please Swipe Away! Now where is your button so I can swipe yours??? :-)

Debi said...

MomaChet just made one for me, too! I uploaded it today. Let me know what you think.