Monday, April 18, 2005

If my life was a song....

Well, many songs would fit my life, but tonight it is the line from that ever so awful Britney Speas song...Ooops I did it again! Here it is, almost 1:30 in the morning and I am finally deciding to call it a night...After posting to my blogs just one more time :-)

Spent the day frogging and reworking the outer border on the first corner of my Star Afghan - I think I have the problem solved - stupid pattern just was not working for me, so I've decided to work around the problems and crochet at will, following the basics.....good enough for me! So I am about half way done with the first corner - hopefully have it finished tomorrow night and then its on to the other three corner...*sigh* I'll have it finished one of these days!

I managed to get my first thread doily about half way finished and two finger potholders finished except for the weaving of the ends...I think that I have a serious problem with gauge as all of my projects tend to turn out smaller than the pattern states...hmmm...I'm probably doing something wrong, but since I am 100% self taught over the past 3 months, I am happy that I am able to do as much as I can! I've been rather ambitious with my projects so far (afghan with all of those teeny tiny squares for example)!

Okay, its time for bed and another fun week at work! I heard a rumor that there is a new Ikea that is accessable via the public transportation system here....can not wait to check it out and see if that is the case! Woo hoo!! If there is one thing that I can spend more money on than yarn, it is random kitchen gadgets (recently purchased a ton of things for cake decorating because I thought that I never know when I'll need to make a fancy cake...umm, okay) and misc household goods...honest - I really need a gargoyle to sit on my balcony that no one can see since I live on the fourth floor!

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