Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Project Updates

Okay, its not Wednesday, but I do not know if I will have time to write anything tomorrow, so a day early is better than nothing! I have been busy working on all of my projects, so I will update them one at a time!

Star Afghan - Progress has stalled a little bit - I need to make another corner square and my hands, heart and mind are rebelling at having to do another one (little do they realize, but I actually need a total of 3 more to finish the blanket) I did get the edging to the second corner section done up to point where it is necessary to add in the square - hopefully tonight!

Thread Doily - It is being done in a varigated pink, and I've gotten to the last round where the directions are not making sense - posted a plea for help at Crochetville. Hopefully I can get this finished before Friday;

UFO Sightings - The red and black wool scarf that I started in December and never touched again has been frogged and is rolled into a ball waiting to be re-made into a new and better scarf!

That is it for today - several new projects upcoming, along with the fun of having a Secret Pal! I signed up for Crochetville's Summer Secret Pals - now how to figure out to mail my package without them finding out its coming from me (the Belgium postal stamp would surely give it away!!)

Everyone in my section of the office (my old group) is in Zurich for a meeting so its just me sitting here by myself today - its actually nice since I can get some things finished without interruptions! Okay, I'm not exactly doing a lot of work right now since I am typing this up, but will work hard to get things finished this afternoon...oh! Signed up for violin lessons - random I know, but what the heck! I have the extra money right now, so why not try something that I've been wanting to do for years! :-)

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Debi said...

Violin lessons?! Cool!!! Just wanted to say hi since you're alone today. Enjoy the peace ;-)