Wednesday, April 20, 2005

UFO Crochet along

I joined a new CAL today! This one is the UFO Pledge at Crochetville! I do not have that many UFOs...okay, I have one - I started a scarf back in December as my first project, ran out of yarn, bought some more along with the materials for my Star Afghan, started the Afghan and never sent back to the scarf. It has been languishing away on top of one of my wardrobes ever since! My goal is to finish the scarf and then do my best to avoid any further UFOs from appearing in my life!

I love the motto of Finish It or Frog It! I hope to finish the scarf...although I might frog it and restart it is the very first project that I ever crocheted!

Oh!! Exciting news! The second shipment of books that I ordered from arrived today.....not I wish that the first set I ordered would arrive! Of the two, I am glad that it is the second set that arrived though! These three are all in English by one of my favorite authors, Christine Feehan who writes about a mythical race of people, Carpathians who have vampire-like traits, but are good and hunt and kill vampires...a very entertaining series - these last three books makes my collection of her books complete...on to the next author! The first set of books are all three of Nora Roberts "Born In" series which I read last year and loved....this set of three though have all been translated into French! I need to continue to practice my french, so why not read books that I love!

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