Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I have a button!

Life is now gooooooooood! I have a BUTTON - WOOOOO HOOOOO! :-) Tee hee hee

MomaChet from Crochetville MomaChet Web Blog was totally awesome and created some buttons for me! I will freely acknowledge that I can not do web graphics.....the sheer thought is enough to send me into a mild panic! I asked her for help, and she responded back with three buttons within 2 hours!

So here are my new buttons....I've not decided which to use for The Land of Kimberly Blog.....tough decision!

City of Crochet The Land of Kimberly The Land of Kimberly

I will work on adding these to the general layouts tomorrow...its after 2 in the morning...way paste time for bed!

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