Monday, April 11, 2005


Looking along the side at my Upcoming Projects, you will notice that a new one has been added to the top of the list....Grandma'ghans! After turning the idea over in my head to make something for my Grandmothers, my father sugested the same thing! So, I have decided that I will make both of them an Afghan. I read about people making things for their children and grandchildren...I have neither but I do have two wonderful Grandmothers who have done so much for me in the past, that it is time that I repay them for all of their love and generosity.

ETF (estimate time of finishing) is unknown at this point as I must finish my 'ghan first. But once that is done, I will start looking for patterns and the right color yarns....I think I have it for my Dad's mum, but for my Mom's mum, I think it will be a purple and white 'ghan so off I will have to go yarn shopping again....darn!

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