Monday, May 16, 2005

Best part about being delayed 5 hours??

Todays trip was straight out of a comedy! Anything that could go wrong went wrong in my voyage to Valencia! Best part was that I was able to knit and crochet some on the planes, and made some serious progress on the scarf that I am knitting for my neice (my first attempt at knitting - its going so-so) and made headway into the shawl that I am making with the Lang Opal Color that I bought - it is turning out very pretty so far - it seems to just shimmer! I am off for meetings and more today - have a great week!!


LadyintheMoon said...

I've never been allowed to take my needles onto a plane! Living in the U.S.A. is the reason, I'm guessing. They're "weapons". I have to admit that I've fantasized about them being just that more than once when someone has gotten on my last nerve!

Kimberly said...

I originally was planning on checking my small bag with my needles, but after arriving at the airport late (due to the taxi not showing) I was forced to take my bag with me - I was praying that they would not confiscate my needles and hooks - only thing that they went after was the scissors which I was expecting the minute I was told to carry my bag on with me! I went through 5 different security gate check points in the Brussels and Madrid airports and no one ever even blinked at the needles or hooks, and I even had a pointy thread hook with me! Even in the US I have not had a problem with my crochet hooks (have not tried needles yet!) I will be checking my bag and needles on the return voyage, and only keeping the one big hook with me - do not want to push my luck!