Thursday, May 26, 2005

This and that....

It is WIP Wednesday so here is the brief update: The fun-fur scarf is moving right along - finished 10 more rows today on the bus and while waiting at work for a friend to finish. Finished another bookmark. Finished the first skein of yarn on my shawl and started a second skein. Started the next 63 Squares square. Viola - thats it!

I have gone overboard with swaps this summer. I have signed up for the Summer Secret Pals (current on-going) the Bookmark swap (starts June 1st) and the Yarn Swap! I am glad that I am going back to the US in the end of June...will be cheaper to send all of the packages out! I've sent out a few RAOK (random acts of kindness) mailings from Europe, and the price has not been that bad actually. It is not cheap, but it is not causing me to eat only rice for the next month.

I am heading off to Germany this weekend to go yarn shopping and museum exploring in Hamburg Germany with another lady from Crochetville, Anna. It should be great fun, and also fun to meet another crocheter who is as addicted as I am! My trip should lead for some exciting tales when I get back! I am having a dinner party (Tex-Mex) at my place on Friday night, and the nSaturday I must be up and driving by 5am!!!! Should be interesting if I can A) Make it up in time B) Not get lost while driving there and C) Manage not to stall the car too many times as it will be a manual and not an automatic....eek!!

Ta ta for now - its 1:30 in the morning - a perfect time to head for bed!
Bon Soir!!

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