Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday ramblings....

It was a fairly nice day in Belgium today, so I went toodling around the country side for a few hours with my friend Zori. We stopped at Waterloo and climbed the hill to the Lion monument, and then we went down to Namur where we saw the most gorgeous church - my camera batteries died but hopefully Zori got some good pictures that I can use! I worked on one of my scarves in the car - progress is going good - I think that I am about 1/2 way done on it (have not decided how long to make them yet)

Last night I went and saw Mamma Mia again with several friends - had a great time aside from the drunk ladies behind us who thought that they could sing and that they knew all of the words.....not even close! Zori said that she at first thought that it was me singing, but when she listened, she realized that even I don't sing that bad (plus I know almost all of the words by heart!)

As said in the last post, here are the pics of the stash increase:
Anchor Thread from Jackie Spanish Yarn

Not shown in the thread from Jackie is an additional 2 units of the middle color.

The Spanish yarn was all decently priced except for the thread - for some reason purchasing thread in Europe for embroidery, cross stitch and even the crochet threads are all really expensive. I thought to buy a skein of Ecru size 10, but they wanted 9€ for a normal size skein!! And the DMC crocheting floss was 1.50€ per unit! Close up pictures of the spanish yarn is available here:

Heather - working with thread is not as scary as it seems! I would really suggest trying it - start out with a simple doily pattern or a bookmark pattern that is faily easy - you will fall in love with thread before you know it! I just started in the past month myself with thread! I know a lot of ladies from C'ville are trying thread out for the first time to do the bookmark swap!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great stash supplementation! So, what are you going to make with all that? :) -- Your SP

Heather said...

WOW! The stash is awesome!! I would love to see mamma mia myself, Im a heavy metal typa person... but I love musicals too! Im glad you enjoyed it!

Kelly said...

I love your stash! I can tell you like the sparkly stuff. You have a great collection. Sounds like your outing was nice as well.

Jingle_Lady said...

I love the colors on the Anchor thread yarns! I saw that Jackie (on crochetville) had some of those. It must be a hot weather market item because I haven't seen those here in Germany. And Anchor is a German brand! :)

And that Cervinia yarn .... wow! I love the colors! Great stash enhancement! :)

Bron said...

I can't wait 'til I get my threads from Jackie - all these lovely pics I'm seeing on different blogs are making me itch to see it in person. :)

Oh, oh! Belated congrats on your award! How exciting to be recognized for all your hard work. That sort of thing doesn't happen often enough in the workplace.