Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend Adventures

Well, I am back from my weekend in Germany! It was a long drive, filled with super fast speeds and long boring traffic jams. I managed to get out of the house on time, find my way out of the city and onto the expressway without getting lost....yay! 650 kilometers, 1 gasoline stop and 2 traffic jams later I arrived in Hamburg! I managed to find Anna, and off we went, with me of course getting lost and having to turn around! Found the hotel and made it to the yarn shop...Can we all say OMG!! It was a wonderful place - they had both pre-packaged yarns and then yarn that was on cones in individual strands - pick the colors and types that you wanted and they would spin them together on a cone for you! I had them make me a size 10 thread in pretty red with red lurex combined into it! Its nice and sparkly (yes, I really like the sparkly type yarns recently). I then found a premixed blue that had 6 strands in it - again it has a sparkle to it.

We explored around, ate at a french restaurant (the guy seemed a bit put out that I wanted to speak french...sorry, I don't speak German - its a french restaurant - I should be able to speak french and I did!) I managed to take a short nap that evening before we went out on the museum night - saw several museums. On Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast, walked around the harbor area and then I toodled back to Brussels - getting stuck in 2 traffic jams - one of which we just sat and sat on the Autobahn - I of course put on the parking brake, grabbed the fun fur scarf I am knitting and finished several rows while sitting there!! I'm bad, I know it!

All in all, a tiring but fun weekend! Back to work now though....lets hope I don't fall asleep at the computer today!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I'm so jealous! --Your Secret Pal

Heather said...

Im so glad you had a good time!

Have a great week!!!

ladylinoleum said...

The yarn store sounds amazing!

Hey, it also sounds like Los Angeles with the traffic jams. It often takes me 50 minutes to go 7 miles. How frustrating is that???