Sunday, May 22, 2005

Show and Tell time!

Today is show and tell day! After not posting anything Crochet related in a week, I have a good amount to share!

First, to show what I sent my mum for mothers day – I sent her the cutest flower arrangement of star gazer lilies, carnations, roses and other assorted flowers in a hummingbird tea pot and a blue flower bookmark that I made – my first attempt at a bookmark:
Hummingbird TeaPot Moms Bookmark

Projects – I have been a busy little beaver while I was in Valencia this past week both shopping and crocheting!

First up is my Simple Doily from the Doily of The Month group at Yahoo. I did not like how it turned out - the blocking is all off - I think in part because of the size 5 yarn I used and how tight I crochet - I will try re-blocking it again to see if I can get the shape to show the details better.
The Simple Doily

Second is my Lang Opal-Color Shawl that I am making! The yarn is working up really nicely – if you have the opportunity to purchase some I highly recommend it!
Lang Opal Color Shawl Detail Lang Opal Color Shawl

Third is the first of several scarves that I am making up for Christmas presents. I am not saying who they are going to go to, but hopefully they will be tickled pink to receive them! The first one I am doing in Schachenmayr nomotta Brazilia Color fur – it is a funky combo of blue, pink, lime green and bright orange!
Fun Fur Scarf 1 Detail Fun Fur Scarf 1

Stash – there have been two recent additions to my yarn stash. Although I did not have a chance to find a proper yarn shop in Valencia, I was able to find the yarn section at El Cortes Inglese – a big department store where I think that I went a little bit over board, although I walked out of the store spending 50 euros for everything! The second addition I received it the thread that I ordered from Jackie at Crochetville – the colors are great, and she was even sweet to include a metal thread hook – bonus yay!

I will see about posting pictures of the yarn addition tomorrow - although tech it is tomorrow since its 3 in the morning here, but I am way to tired to keep going! Night night!


Heather said...

All your projects look great! I am nervous to try thread myself.... cant wait to see the new stash pics!

Debi said...

You're a busy girl! Everything looks great. Good to have you back.

Celeste said...

Kimberly - is that bookmark for the swap? It's really lovely!