Sunday, May 08, 2005

A lazy weekend!

Groceries, shoes, laundry, Ikea, yarn store, hardware store.....the list of zhat I had planned to do this weekend goes on and is now Sundaym and aside from 2 loads of laundry (6 more to go) I have accomplished absolutely nothing! Lord that feels good to say - LOL

Did do a bit of work on the doily while on the tram, and I hope to get some more work in today. I joined the Doily of the Month Yahoo group, which has 2 doilies to do each month - a general doily and then a Members choice - have started on the general doily which ironically enough is a pattern I had printed out a few weeks ago! I am doing it in Rose Pink Petra thread (by DMC) which is bigger than needed, but I loved the color, and since I crochet tightly anyway, hopefully it will not be too bad!

I met a group of lads over on a football (soccer) tour from the UK and hung out with them this weekend - it was a hoot and a half - the English blokes are completely mad! I did get an invitation to go visit them in Bristol.....hmmm - perhaps :-) One of the lads was really nice, Nick, if not a little bit shy though! Me with a shy guy.....poor thing would never get to talk with me around!! lol

Okay, I had best tidy up the apartment a bit.....or I can go Crochet first and then do something cleaning.....sounds like a plan!! Ciao, chow, chao!

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