Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bad blog friend...I admit it!

So sorry to everyone! I have been reading blogs....or at least trying to, but it has gotten hard now that I really can not do so at work! Well, I can, but without being able to see pictures, it often defeats the purpose of looking for those of you who are showing off your progress, projects etc etc etc. So I try to make reminders to do this at home, but with not getting home until 9, 10 at night I really do not want to look at my computer any longer! Yesterday consisted of doing 7 (yup, 7) loads of laundry. My apartment looks like a really trendy one of a kind boutique right now with clothes hanging on every available place drying. I dry some things (socks, towels and other non-shrinkables or things I don't care about if they shrink) but mainly I just throw everything in the dryer for 10 minutes to get the wet out and then let everything dry overnight by the radiators (I have 5 large radiators and one small one). I washed 7 pairs of jeans...I did not even know that I owned 7 pairs of wearable jeans, but they must have bred in my suitcase errr umm closet! lol

I am all settled into the new office. It is again a 3 person office with only me in it....the second desk is being shared by my friend Kim and co-worker Amelia who are both never here. Kim saw an apartment in Zurich that she really likes so she is hoping that she will be able to get it. It is really weird here in Europe. It is not about who offers first, but who the landlord wants to rent to!! You are basically (from what I can tell) competing with other rental candidates to present the most attractive renter profile, and the renter will meet everyone and decide who gets the right to pay them money to live in the apartment! Kinda crazy!

I have a large ball of yarn sitting on my coffee table screaming at me to be made into something but I can not decide what it wants to be! I keep thinking a shawl of some sort, but I can not find a pattern that shouts as being perfect for this yarn. And since I still have my shiny evening shawl yet to finish, I am not sure if I can really start another shawl without finishing the first...okay, I could, but how many WIPs and UFOs can one person have?

I am going to have to think long and hard about two different upcoming as a celebration for having over 10,000 visitors and a second one for my one year blogiversary which is scheduled to take place in April (okay, this is still a ways away, but I want to make sure that I have plenty of time in case I decide to make something as part of the pressie) There is always the leave a comment....or the answer a questions....hmmm....

I do believe that is all for right now......I am off to head home, catch up on some long overdue blog reading / commenting and of course putting away that laundry!


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Jenny Moore said...

How many WIPs CAN one person have? Let's see, I can't even count all of mine on my fingers! Yikes! And yet, I started a knitting project yesterday. I really think I need to get back to my WIPs so I can have some FOs!

Glad you're settling in at your new office! Must be weird to be the only one there...