Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yes, I am still alive!!!

Amazing eh? I know that it has been a while - sorry to worry everyone!

I arrived back in Brussels on Thursday, and have spent the past two days unpacking, catching up on work and cleaning since I neglected to do that before I left on holidays!

Speaking of holidays, my time in the US went by so quickly! I had a great time once again and was able to see tons of family and friends while home. I made a flying in and out visit to Ann Arbor inbetween Christmas parties to spend a day with my best friend Stormy. I had hoped to have time to visit with a few of my Crochetville friends, but since I was in Ann Arbor for less than 24 hours and racing back to Muskegon to go out on a date with my favorite man, time just was not available....hopefully next time!!

Here are a few pictures from the holidays:

Christmas morning saw the first presents of the birthday presents!! Since I was not home back in July for my birthday, my mother gave it to me on Christmas instead since my birthday is on Christmas in July! The first present shows more undeniable proof that I am THE Princess in the house *grin*:

Here are a few family shots - me with my two sisters and with my Grandparents:

Here is a picture with my best friend Stormy and with my niece Megan:

Must not forget a picture of me with my three nieces and their Christmas presents from me - Cabbage Patch dolls that came wearing scarves that matched the ones I made them earlier in the year....a big hit!

Betcha been wondering who my date was with that I had to hurry home for right? Well, here he is, my little man, my nephew Andrew! The exciting date was to Chuckie Cheeses for pizza and fun!

I spent New Years with two of my cousins pictured here at the holiday party at their Moms house, and a picture of me all dolled up and ready to go out on New Years to a party at our friend Dan's house:

Many thanks go out to all of the wonderful elves who sent me little goodies while I was home - you are all amazing people! I am so lucky to have gotten to know all of you!

Hmmm.....I think that is about all for now! I am amazingly enough not suffering from any jet-lag this trip back to Europe! I wish that it could always be like this! I went out last night with my friend Kim and we had some drinks and dancing...I had fun dancing the night away with Kim and a few guys that we met up with. My friend Gornayl (aka G) met us out for a New Years drink, and it was great to see him! We bumped into the old UFO (Avni/Ben) which was fairly friendly. Also saw a few other people that we knew out, and met a few new folks. All in all, a good night, although way too much excitement as I am going to stay in tonight!

I have over 500 entries to read on bloglines - I promise to get to them as soon as I can - Faye - I will try as best as I can to get to the meme asap!


Deneen said...

Sounds and looks like you had a terrific trip home!

Thank you for all the wonderful elf packages you sent out, you are truly inspirational!

I haven't been in contact with many lately, out of commission--but I do think of you!

Welcome "home"

MrsFife said...

Welcome back! You've had a nice holiday, now I expect more posts from you!

DAD said...

Welcome back to Blogsville Kimberly. But I know since getting back you have been swamped with work and cleaning. Nice to have you back on line. How ever you still do tend to rattle on a wee bit. :). BUT thats my Daughter.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit home! :)

Granny said...

It's great to see you back. It looks like you had a fantastic time. Great picture's. Your "Hot Date" is very cute.