Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pre-Olympic Reporting

Just in from the news wires folks.....Kimberly has gone and done it again and decided to make the Craft Olympic Record Books....umm, okay, I'm sure I am not the only one who will be trying for this, but it will go into my personal record books!

Before I begin, just for the record, lets just say that I have always been the one to jump before I look...well, okay, I do look, but usually in that split second before I take the plunge and do something that often turns out to be really insane!

As you may remember I was torn trying to decide if I should join the Knitting Olympics as a first time knitter newbie going full out. Well, I decided to jump in on that little event, and will be doing warm up swatches on the two bags as I try to decide which one I will do in the official event....kinda like a figure skater working on perfecting her routine before the day of the the triple axle in or should it be the triple salchow.......ah the pain of decisions!

BUT....being the type of person that has to go into everything at twice the speed of life, I decided that performing in one Olympic event was not enough...I really had to let myself go hog wild and have decided to try for a double medal in two different events......thats right folks, I have also signed up for the Crochet Olympic events where I will be partaking in what I do believe will be a vintage doily ....I am still trying to determine what doily exactly it will be! I have several older books that I bought off of e-bay a while back, including one from the 40s that has a variety of Ruffled Doilies and a Pansy Doily in it...I love the pansy doily as pansies are my favorite flower, but at the same time the ruffled doily would be a totally new technique, although I am not so sure that I would be able to find the time to block that one!

So lets just put it all down to a case of insanity......I am going to be needing lots of cheering and encouragement during the grab a front row seat, a large bucket of popcorn, and sit back and watch me drive myself into insanity! (umm...okay, farther into insanity!)


Vera said...

I'm going for double gold too.

We may crash and burn together, but we'll have fun!

DAD said...

You people need a LIFE. try walking something good for the body as well as then mind. Sorry but I see no value here. Again way too much time on your hands. Think that was in a song. Good luck my Daughter.

Jenny Moore said...

Yeah. I think insane is the right word. Actually, I have no place in saying that since I would be going for the double gold as well if I didn't have three massive exams coming up in March! Good luck getting both projects done. I'm sure you'll need it!