Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

Some of you (probably a fair few of you) are aware of the hoopla that Stephanie (aka Yarnharlot) has stirred up with her 2006 Knitting Olympics challenge. Many many MANY folks are jumping on the knitting challenge bandwagon, and others are getting ready to bundle up and sit in the stands and cheer on their favorite athletes knitters as they try to complete in 16 days what they consider to be a challenging project for them.

I am sitting here debating to join the challenge. My issue is my natural competiveness and drive to finish what I start and to succeed in whatever I set out to do. I am not a strong knitter...I am a weak knitter wanna be. There I said it. I freely admit that I want to knit....teaching yourself to knit is sooooo much harder for me than it was to teach myself to crochet.

So I need to decide on which button made up by Jen and La I should use for the Olympics!

Here are the two I am debating between:

US Newbie Drunken Observer

Okay...I should probably have a combination button of the two...Drunken Newbie Knitter would work perfectly because I am sure to be driven to drink with all of the purls and knits and with me being me I would probably pick out an insanely difficult for a newbie project and go with a design with lots of cables or other challenges!

Well, I still have a fair few days left to decide what I should do.....I am thinking that I should just challenge myself to actually start a more complex knitting project than a fun fur scarf or the dishcloth that is on my needles right now! Yup, thats right, I am working on a knitting project this weekend - feeling the guilt over not continuing to learn to knit I did cast on a dishcloth Friday night.....I am on row number 16 of 46....but its progress!


Vera said...

I hope you join. I think it will be fun, and you should go for the firdt time knitter badge.

Jenny Moore said...

This sounds like fun! Maybe I should do it too...I just started teaching myself this weekend, and you're right, it was much harder than teaching myself crochet! I'm having issues holding my yarn in my right hand instead of my left...I do think I'll like it if I can ever get a hold of it!