Monday, January 09, 2006

Travelling & moving....

Well I am moving everyone.......offices that is! lol I am being moved into a new office spot (hopefully this one will have a door!) for what will be my 6th location in less than 3 years! They never seem to leave me in one place in this building for very long before they decide to shuffle me around!

I am off to Switzerland on Friday for a meeting in Zurich. I'll stay the weekend and help my friend Kim with some apartment hunting! Should be a fun time, as we will be sure to go out on the town on either Friday or Saturday!

No crocheting updates to be had....sad, I know! I am working on several little projects, but getting none of them done! I need to finish up a few scarves and get them mailed out, hopefully I'll have some finished items to share one of these days!

I hope that everyone is having a great week!!


ladylinoleum said...

Have a good meeting!

Wishing you much joy, wonder and creative energy in the new year!

DAD said...

Well lets hope this office not only has a door BUT a view of the mountains, the pool or at least a view of the Gardens??? Have fun in Zurich but again NOT that much fun.