Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Phone calls and knitting

I made a phone call yesterday and shocked a fellow blogger! Jennifer made a comment about knitting and holding the yarn in the right hand, and I grabbed the phone and gave her a random call up! She picked up her phone and I went "We're supposed to hold the yarn in our right hand when we knit??" to which she gave a very confused "Errr Yes" I finally gave in and let her know that it was me...was she surprised! We had a great chat - I think that this is the first time that I have talked to a fellow crocheter from C'ville on the phone! What great fun! I did have second thoughts about the call afterwards, but she has assured me that she does not think that I am a stalker!

I am about half way done with my dishcloth and half way done with my shawl. The knitting is coming along slowly....I think that I am holding the needles and yarn all wrong....I might need to put it aside until I go to Florida when my mum can show me....or at least she can show me once I have cast on for her! (Love ya Mom!!) But if I do that I won't be able to do the Knitting Olympics....I have just about convinced myself to do a project in tandem with Jennifer - the thought right now is to do the French Market Bag.....Vera sent me a link to another bag called the Booga Bag that I think is adorable! Oh the decisions that need to be made! (can you tell I have convinced myself to do the knitting Olympics? everyone has to start at some time!)


Vera said...

When I first learned to knit, I held the yarn in my left hand and knitted continental since I crochet with the yarn in my left hand. The problem was I couldn't teach myself to purl that way, so I switched to English or Throwing style (yarn in right hand), and I could knit and purl that way.

Perhaps one day, I will go back to Continental and learn to purl that way since it's a little faster, but I'm okay with they way I knit right now.

People will say that one way is better than another, but the best way is the one you are most comfortable.

Anonymous said...

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