Monday, January 16, 2006


Well folks, I am back from my mad dash to Zurich for the weekend. I was suppsoed to fly there on Friday for a work meeting and then stay the weekend with my friend Kim. My meeting was cancelled so it looked like I would have to cancel my trip as I did not want to pay almost 800 dollars to fly there on my own dime (yes, it is a bit expensive to fly from Brussels to Zurich, and the 800 was with a company discount we have as the normal fare is around 1200 dollars!!) Instead I managed to arrange a train ride for under 200 so away I went on Thursday, chugging along through Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland on an 8 hour train journey!

Best part about 8 hours on a train? Lots of crocheting time! I finished two scarves, started two others and started on a new doily project! This was along with reading 3 novels and talking for 3 hours with a guy from Luxembourg! Fairly productive!

My time in Zurich was really nice except that it was freezing cold and foggy! I was not able to take any pictures, but if I can find them I'll try to post some from another trip I took to Zurich a few years back! Along with of course my scarves...A f.o. is a f.o. after all!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Jenny Moore said...

Welcome back from Zurich! I wish I could take a short train ride and end up in another country - not to mention riding through several on your way there! Look forward to seeing some pictures of that area!