Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New toy....

My blogs got a new toy! Over on the bottom of my side bar I put a Neotracker on. There are two versions - the first one says who is on my blog currently (where they are from) and the second keeps track of the different visitors and shows which countries in the world have been represented!

I did notice earlier while updating my blog that while I am logged in at work, I show up as a US visitor since my company's main network server is based in the US I think.

The tracker is free for a certain number of days and then I think that there is a small fee for it....did not really read all of the small print, and since they have not asked for any billing or credit card info, I am not going to worry about it until that day gadget, but not so sure that I would want to pay for it!


DAD said...

Maybe some people don't want you to know when they are visiting your Blog. How can we leave an anonymous cute or otherwise comment if you already know who did the deed??? Not sure on this one. :).

Jenny Moore said...

How neat! I want one!