Friday, December 09, 2005

I got the snowflake blues!!!

First up - head over to Jessi's blog to read her posting of "A Crocheter's Night Before Christmas"

Second - here is my snowflake blues from last night: I'm in a funk...thats right folks I said FUNK!!! I printed off patterns of pretty snowflakes, then I went shopping to Carrefour for some glorious tea! Home was my next destination, to pull out my hooks, and I tell you my friends, I did just that! I brewed myself a cup of Christmas Tea, and settled down on my bed wrapped snug in my duvet. I looked at my hooks, I looked at my thread. I sorted through patterns, I scratched my head. I hemmed and I hawed....I stared at the ceiling. No matter my desire, my doing was gone! I looked deep inside, but I couldn't start hooking! I sighed and my thread hooks went onto the floor....and I reached next to the bed and pulled out my needles!! Now this was not right, I had snowflakes to make! But a scarf of fun fur was my project last night!

Third - well, my countdown is on its one week from today, I'll fly away to the land of much snow! I'm not sure why, but I'm trying to must be the season, there can be no other reason! I've not had a shot of cinnamon schnapps, no alcohol is in me, making me go pee! :) Bad, I know! But 7 days from today and I'll be leaving on that jet plane! Oooh....plane....thats 14 straight hours of crocheting time! *grin*


Dad said...

Try reading a good book for inspiration. But my version of a good book, no TRASH novels. The new Clive Cussler, or Vince Flynn or even a rousing Mac Bolan book
Happy knitting Daughter. Just one week I can harass you in person.

SheCrochets said...

I feel your pain! Last night, even though I have the quarter-finished mohair monster to finish as a gift, I READ and then worked on a completely unrelated, non-crochet hobby. GASP!!! I don't know what's wrong with me! :-)

My corner of Michigan got a boat-load of snow last night. Something for you to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad! Instead of crocheting yesterday, I worked on a puzzle with my daughter. (That was actually more important!) Sometimes you just feel like doing other things. Even the best crocheters need a teeny break to keep it special. :) You'll be able to enjoy a crochet marathon on the plane!

Jessi said...

glad you liked the poem ;) just checking in among the packing up and moving....ARGH!!!!