Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tis the season to be.......

Well, whats it gonna be...naughty or nice? I've been being nice so far, but things could always change! *grin*

I continue to slowly work my way into the holiday spirit! Last night I made Anise Rock Candy, a recipe that originated from my Grandmother and evolved thanks to efforts made by myself and my Aunt.

If anyone is interested in making some really yummy candy that is extremely easy, here you go!

Kimberly's Anise Candy

3 3/4 Cup white sugar
1 1/4 Cup corn syrup
1 Cup water
1 full bottle of Anise flavoring
Food coloring of choice
Candy Thermometer

Combine first 3 ingredients and boil to 300° F stirring occasionally

Remove from heat and add anise and desired fool coloring (Be CAREFUL it spurts when you add the Anise and coloring.)

Beat well and pour onto XXX sugar covered sheets.

Score the candy into bite size pieces with a kitchen knife once it starts to stiffen.

Cover with more XXX sugar.

Allow the candy to completely Cool and break into pieces, using the scored lines.

Store in airtight container.


DAD said...

Thought you was doing Christmas cookies????? recipe to follow I guess. :). So how is little Bettie Crocker doing on the domestic front. See there are other things to do aside from knitting/crocheting. :)

Denise said...

Hey Bella...how about sending some of that candy my way at Christmas time...we all know that I will NOT be making your recipe anytime soon. Hope all is well and can't wait to see you over break!

Jenny Moore said...

you're shipping some of this candy my way, right? lol. it sounds wonderful! course, i just don't know how good i would be at making it...