Sunday, December 04, 2005

I've been trying......

Really, I have been trying!! Its just so darn hard to get in the holiday spirit! For YEARS I always had my Christmas shopping done on Thanksgiving. Honestly! I was one who hated to sit around waiting for it to get done, so I'd start early. Heck, I bought the main presents for my 3 neices in March this year. But here it is December 4th, and I have nothing else bough....nothing! And crocheting...Well, thats a lost cause I've decided along with knitting more of those blasted fur scarves!

Soooo, to get me in the spirit I've been sitting on my couch all day long with Christmas music blaring in my apartment, and 10 WIPS sitting in front of me....well, there were 7 to start and of course I just had to start a few others...falling behind here! I'm of the mentality that as long as I am working on things I'm making I really care that nothing is get completed because I knit 10 rows on one scarf, switch to another. Crochet another full skein on one scarf, make 4 more blocks for one afghan and then switch and make 2 blocks for the other afghan.

Well.....I did finish another 2 snowflakes, and tried the whole sugar stiffening deal on 4 of my completed flakes...oh ugh!!!! Talk about messy...and, well sticky! Has anyone used this method? Do the flakes really attract ants and other pests once they have dried? Do I dare send them out to folks if this is a possible side effect?

Oh! Another question - if I am sending tea out to a few folks, should I check with folks first to see if they use loose leaf tea? Do I assume that they do, and let them figure out what to do with it once they receive it, or do I go the over cautious route and send a tea thing-a-ma-bob with the loose tea to them????? Or do I not risk it, and be boring and send the not so yummy bagged tea that I have?

Okay, I am off to bed. I hope that everyone had a great weekend and a great upcoming week to all!! Just think - only 21 more days until Christmas! *grin*


SheCrochets said...

About your tea... I would package your yummy loose stuff w/o the tea ball. They cost about $2 at the grocery store, so your recipients can go buy one. At least, that's what I would do. :-)

I feel your pain on the shopping front. I got a late start this year... and spent all day today trying to make up for it. GROAN. I hate malls!

I think I need a drink now...

Sharon-crochetville said...

My grandma always used the sugar starch. However since my Christmas stuff is stored in the basement, I would be afraid of bugs, although I do keep them in Rubbermaid. I would send them with the sugar starch, and just tell recipient to store in air tight container because of the starch.

Jessi said...

I used water and glue mix to stiffen my flakes and it worked pretty well. Doesn't smell like glue afterwards either. It does sort of take the sheen of the thread away.
I can't seem to get started on any of my WIM's lately. All I've been making are snowflakes, and I also made the roxycraft snowman. Almost done with that, but can't seem to get myself going with the finishing touches.
I went ahead and sent loose leaf tea out for the swap. I figured..ah what the heck ;)

Jenny Moore said...

I personally think loose leaf tea is the best! And if it were me, I'd send the little tea ball with it....just in case. That way the recipient would get the chance to try the tea right away - regardless if they already have a strainer or not. I'm one of those impatient people though...wouldn't want to wait long enough to get to the store!