Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pineapple Bell Pattern

As I've seen a few requests for the Bell pattern, I thought to post it for everyone!

I woke up today at 6:15 to the beep beep beep of my neighbors alarm clock.....he is gone and left it turned on...oh joy! I called the super yesterday on it, but of course he could not unplug it like he said he would....incompetent buffoon! Can't wait until Monday when I get to chew his arse out since I will be awaken tomorrow morning at 6:15 as well! I went shopping and spent a small fortune on clothes, shipping materials, odds and ends for the Christmas wish lists at Crochetville etc etc etc

Came home and made snow flakes......lots and lots of snowflakes.....okay, perhaps not lots and lots but 10 is a good number of them! I tried several patterns. Once I get them blocked and find a way to stiffen them, I'll post some pictures up.

Next up on my agenda - going to the bar to have a few drinks. My best friend's Dad is getting married today. I was invited, but since I am in Europe it was slightly impossible to make it! Since the rest of my family is there (Mike has been really good friends with my Dad since before I was born!) I really need to celebrate the occasion, so I'll be having a drink or two from this side of the Atlantic!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Psst - Jessi - it looks like my visit to Ann Arbor is a go! Will let you know the specific dates that I'll be there - probably after Christmas around the 27th or 28th - I need verify Stormy's day off.


Jessica said...

Oh, yuck - I had a neighbor who used to leave his alarm on when he was gone. It sucked!

For the stiffening, have you tried heavy-duty hairspray? I've not personally tried it, but several patterns online that I've sean from the thread companies suggest it to stiffen 3-D patterns (can you guess what I was looking for today? :). It certainly seems logical that it would work, as long as you could keep dust and lint off while it dried...

Good luck!

naturallynice said...

Yeah, I made snowflakes too. They look horrid when not blocked though. For stiffening, I used a product from the supermarket, called easy starch or something. They are not that stiff though.

I knew back in Greece they would use water with salt - or sugar - for super duper stiff.

Vera said...

The bell is so cute. Thanks for the pattern.