Thursday, August 18, 2005



Thats me being drowned in paperwork, messy apartment, blog reading etc etc etc

I am still here, I am reading your blogs but finding the time to post is impossible this week. I am no longer sure which way is up, if I am coming or going etc etc etc

I totally forgot that this was Thursday until my Dad sent me an e-mail saying that he and the kiddies were going to BK and the Mall (my folks watch my niece and nephew on Thursdays) while on the phone I looked at the date and remembered that today was my sisters birthday and that yesterday was my brothers (well , tech. my brother in law, but hes been around so long that he is like a real brother to me!)

I have lots to show and a bunch of thank yous that are a few days over due....I have tried to send PMs at Crochetville and e-mails to all of those involved (you know who you are...I think) and will write up about it as soon as I can come up for another breather...I am waiting for files to finish downloading and killing time on my spare computer while I wait...oh goodie, here comes my boss - gotta run!!


AnneV said...

This probably isn't helping if you're drowning in diverse chores, but if you want to leave all that behind for a while, I sort of have to visit Aachen and Maastricht this Saturday. Need to check whether there are any handbag handles left - I have some fellow knitters back home in Finland who are fighting over those.

I'll leave early in the morning in order to find a decent place to park the car; hope to be back in the afternoon. If you want to join on this mad dash, just drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your week is going a bit like mine! Although I'm drowning in computer work over paperwork, but it's close, right?

Hope things get better and you're able to relax over the weekend. Just keep in mind...Tomorrow's FRIDAY! And you should be getting a small surprise within 7-14 days!


Kimberly said...

The temptation....must not give in....noooooo!

Okay, the call of the work is much louder than the call of the yarn this weekend especially since its the call of the work which allows me to answer the call of the yarn via my ever so handy twice a month paychecks! Thanks so much for the invite anne - let me know if you are going again!!

SP - Thanks!! I'll start stalking the mail guy at the end of next week! You are being wonderful to me! Thank you so very much!!