Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Update!! OMG Its Friday already?

Where did the week go? I can not believe its Friday night already! I am sooooooo far behind right now its not even funny....and this relates to work and crocheting! lol

Okay, some updates of what's been happening:

First, I'll show you my current read and a new purchase:

La quéte de Dana La Bible du Crochet

The first is Nora Roberts "Les Trois Clés - La quéte de Dana" - the second book in Nora Roberts Key trilogy (Key of Knowledge) in French! I read the trilogy in English and loved it so I decided to give it a go in French! Its reading really slowly (lots of words I don't know so I have to look them up) but I am on about page 50 after 2 days of reading!

And yes, you are reading that second book title correctly! That is Betty Barnden's Crochet Stitch Bible translated into French in all of its glory as La Bible Du Crochet! I am loving it so far - very helpful!

Second - Its been raining postcards at work this week! I have received 3 glorious new post cards from three wonderful people! Here is my current wall of postcards - the two on the left and the bottom card in the middle are the newest additions! All three were RAOK from Crochetville friends - I am signed up for PostCrossings but none have arrived - I have sent three out though!

Postcard Wall

Third - Today was an adventure at work! I caught a ride in with my friend Zori and we parked in the garage at work. After leaving the car I swore I heard a noise. Huh? I look around and hear it again "Ummmm....Zori - do you hear a cat???" We looked around but did not see anything, but kept hearing it meowing so I finally got down and looked under the cars, and there was the cutest little kitten that came crawling out for me. About 4 months old, Puss is staying the weekend at one of my friends houses. The day at work was broken up by taking care of Puss, petting, talking to others about him, and trying to track down an owner - he has been well loved and is not a stray cat it looks like so an owner has to exist.

Here is a few pics of Puss: (named that currently due to the high white boots on his back legs - I got a Puss in Boots)

Puss Pic 1 Puss Pic 2 Puss Pic 3

Is he not just the cutest? He is really perky and very loving - he was constantly jumping onto my lap, butting arms and legs to get my attention. Very frustrating to type when the cat wants you to pet him!! We are posting found cat pictures to see if anyone claims him, and then we will work on finding him a long term home - I am gone too often to keep him I don't think my landlord would let me keep him for more than a short visit! :(

So I bet you are all wondering why I am not keeping the cat this weekend....The simple answer is that I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for 4 days in Dublin!! It should be a good weekend! I adore Dublin so any reason to go back is good in my mind! I have a meeting on Tuesday, so I'm just making a long weekend out of it with my pal Zori. Hopefully you will not be too sad while I am gone! Its only for a few days - I promise to share some pictures when I get back!


Anonymous said...

Of course we'll miss you! Whatever will one do without all the glorious emails and posts?!?! Cute kitty by the way, and I hope you have a great time in Dublin! Have a Guiness for me!

MrsFife said...

Awwww! Can't you keep him? Maybe smuggle him in with you on the flight. Can the call of Dublin be greater than the call of the cat?!
So are those postcrossings or other postcards?
I've read the Key trilogy. Nice and fast-reading.

Tara said...

That last picture is the cutest!

Flourish & Blotts said...

Cute kitty! I've been trying to improve my French by reading Harry Potter at le prisonnier d'Azkaban. Of course, I usually have to sit down with a the book in one hand and a French dictionary in the other! -Flourish

MrsFife said...

You've been tagged again! Follow this link to see what you have to do.

Heather said...

Kimberly- I have the crochet stitch bible... and my family is just sick of me saying LOOK AT THIS ONE! LOOK AT THAT!! lol Love it, cherish it, and do not loan it out! LOL

Love the pics!!! Congrats on your mom and dad coming!!!

Sara said...

hope you had fun in Dublin and hope you find a home for kitty.

ladylinoleum said...

Love my Crochet Bible, even if it is just in plain ole English!

Adorable kitty!

Mimi said...

Such a cute cat! hope the owner gets him back... Surely you're having a wonderful time in Dublin, looking forward to your photos! =) And, I'm glad to have a contribution to your wall decor..hihi..

CraftyCritter said...

Kimberly we miss you! Drats on Ireland! Hope you are having a great time!