Monday, August 08, 2005

Man jailed for molesting sleeping woman on plane - Yahoo! News

Man jailed for molesting sleeping woman on plane - Yahoo! News

Do I now need to sleep with my mace in hand on my flights? Its one thing to be a particpant in the Mile High Club (oh ugh!! Have you been in an Airplane bathroom????) but to be molested while sleeping! I guess I've lucked out with all of my seat mates! While a few have been...ummm...different, they have not been bad! (Even met a guy that worked with some close friends of my family in North Carolina on a flight from DC to Brussels! It is a small world!)

Creep! What was he thinking?? "She smiled at me...she must be faking that shes asleep and wants me to touch her...yeah, yeah...let me grab a blanket down and cover her we go..." Frankly, some guy tries to put his hand down my pants, I'm not just going to pull his hand out - my other hand is going to balled into a fist as I knock him ass-over backwards into next week! And break his eardrums in the process as I am screaming at full force (was awarded loudest voice projection at band camp)....hope I break his nose!


CraftyCritter said...

Ya know I read this and thought to myself that man needed his fingers cut off....or genitals, hey both sounds good. Isnt it odd that sex offenders just know you wanted it? what a turd!

Anonymous said...

That's just plain scary! I travel a lot for work and I often sleep on planes...Too bad they don't let you take mace or knives. Guess I'll just have to have my crochet hook at the ready!