Friday, August 05, 2005


Quick!!! Think of a song with Friday in the title! Can you? I know I couldn't! Sure I could think of songs with Friday in it....Happy Days theme song etc etc etc. Why are Monday named songs so easily remembered but Friday ones slip our minds? It took a trip to my favorite lyrics site: (Do NOT go to there if you do not have a pop-up blocker installed on your PC!!) And did a search. Amazingly enough there are a slew of songs with Friday in the title!

So to end the week as I started it, here is my Friday song: "Monday you can hold your head, Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed! Oh Thursday watch the walls instead....It's Friday, I'm in love! Saturday, wait Sunday always comes too late But Friday never hesitates. I don't care if Monday's black. Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack! Thursday, never looking back. It's Friday, I'm in love!" By the one, and the only...The Cure! Were you singing along with me there? Not sure who I am in love with today since its Friday.....there was a really nice looking guy on the tram this morning....eye contact, shy smiles exchanged but not a word between us...WHY am I so shy at moments like that?!? I can flirt with the best of them, have a guy in a bar look twice, introduce any and all of my friends to the guy that caught their eye, but when it comes down to saying hi when out in public I freeze, turn my head and look the other way..... (That changed into another song in my head - ALW's I Don't Know How To Love Him...its a song day for me I think!)

Okay, onto the Crochet front - this is a crochet blog after all! My Weekly Tram Project is almost finished! This week was a cotton cloth! I am using the same colors and pattern as the cloth that Deneen sent me, so now I'll have a set of two! I have the main color finished and tied off. Its now onto the border which I should hopefully be able to get done tonight on my way home!

I finished two more squares last night for the 35 Squares Swap at Crochetville. 5 done, 30 more to go! I really liked the ones last night - as soon as I get some ends weaved in, I'll take pictures...perhaps wait until the end of the weekend as my goal that I set last night was to finish 5 more before Sunday night! I can do it!

Plans for the weekend? I am going out with some work colleagues tonight for drinks, dinner, more drinks and then some dancing to celebrate the birthday of one of the girls. Then tomorrow it is looking like a possible trip to Brugges (as mentioned yesterday) and Sunday is a day of relaxation and LOTS of laundry! My laundry basket is overflowing!

Okie dokie, that's the Friday update! *hugs* to everyone - I hope that your weekend is wonderful and great!


MrsFife said...

Have a fun time in Bruges and come back with lots of pics...And maybe some samples of Bruges crochet as well!

Michelle said...

That Cure song runs through my head on most Fridays!

I'm a Chicagoan, so if you come back here in September, maybe we can wrangle some yarn together.

Michelle said...

That Cure song runs through my head on most Fridays!

I'm a Chicagoan, so if you come back here in September, maybe we can wrangle some yarn together.

Jessi said...

pictures from your trip please! and have an awesome weekend! i am trying to finish my wip and it seems to be taking forever. hugs!

ladylinoleum said...

I was singing!

Anonymous said...

I was signing before you even wrote the lyrics! And what's worse, it's Saturday!

Can't wait to see pictures of your trip!


Anonymous said...

Change that - I was singning, not signing. lol.