Wednesday, August 10, 2005

They're Coming!!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo! I've been in shock the past two days and been unable to post this! (tee hee hee) After two years and six months of living in Europe my parents are coming to visit! Before this momentous occasion, I have had exactly one other visitor, and that was my Dads younger half sister (my half aunt I guess but since she is my age that seems a little bit weird to say) back in May of 2004!

I am so very excited to be having some visitors, and even better that its my parents! They are going to be here for 11.5 days! I am already planning what to do, where to go, and more importantly , where to eat! Are they ever in for a culinary delight! They say Paris and France are great for food...and they are if you want to spend the cash. But Belgium is awesome for food at an affordable price! I have two restaurants picked out already with several more being decided on!

Can not wait to see you September 23rd Mom and Dad! Are you ready to party that night with all of us until after the sun comes up? Its expected ya know! Maybe we will take some pity on you and wait and take you bar hopping on the Saturday...then again - I went out to the bars with you Mom on the day I got home from Belgium last time! Its only fair...tradition and all that jazz! :D

Psst - by the way - this is me with Dad and with Mom taken back in June while I was home! I always hate pics of myself, but these turned out half way decent for a change!

Me & Dad Me & Mom


Becky (crazzy cow) said...

I hope that you have a wonderful time when they get out to see you. By the way I love the page holder that you sent to me. I would like to get more.

Anonymous said...

Playing catch up again! Yikes! You are quicker posting than I am checking up on you lately!

I'm so excited for you that your parents are coming to visit! Sounds like a blast! Have tons of fun and drink some German beer for me at Oktoberfest!


DAD said...

Glad to hear you excited about us coming over to see you, as your Mother is also. ME? Its anticipation no make that GREAT anticipation with a dash of intrepidation. It should/will be fun seeing you and your friends. As well as the place you work and the great city you live in. Just not sure about the food. Unlike you I do not live for the spirit of adventure in food. Give me Burger King, Pizza Hut, KFC, or a great steak and I'll be happy, also some quiet time for a cup of coffee and a book. Oh US Today a must. lol.
Love you Princess


DAD said...

Bloggs need Spellcheck?? I like most of america, especially our youth rely too much on Spell check, Grammar check and calculators to do our math.


Kimberly said...

Dearest Dad,

So glad that you are having great anticipation of your upcoming visit! No fear, we do have Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Subway here in Belgium! But blah! I can take you to a great restaurant for great steak as well as point the coffee shop that you can see from my window!! No fear although it is European Coffee and not American Coffee!

Debi said...

How exciting Kimberly!!! I'm so happy for you. I'm blessed to have my mom about 3 miles away, so I'm sure it must be hard for you at times. Hope you have a blast together!

Jessi said...

Aw, that is so awesome!! I'm jealous though, I want to come!! Lol...Have a wonderful time. I bet they will love it.

mom said...

Hey Kimmers,

YES, we are finally coming to visit. I have been trying to get Dad there and finally just booked the tickets. He can either come or lose the ticket. Dirty trick I know but it worked lol. Now as far as food goes, I am up for most things but you know when I will draw the line. :-) Wierd fish, very spicy, or anything slimy are definately a NOT. We will have fun though, and WE are looking forward to seeing you soon. Well 42 days to be exact but who is counting??

Mimi said...

I'm also happy for you! You all look good in your pictures!

Sara said...

Yea!!!!! I'm sure you'll be a wonderful hostess. If I were travelling to Belgium, all I would want to eat would be chocolate. :-)

ladylinoleum said...

Great news Kimberly!