Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I can do better!

Have you ever finished a project, been really proud to have done it, but when you look at it again a day or two later you think "I can do better"? Well, thats what happened with Dot's Ditty Bag that I made a few weeks ago! I decided to do two - one for each of my step-neices Bekky and Gracie. Here is the output - a big improvement in my mind!

Ditty Bags - Take Two

I also finished the fur scarf for Bekky (I finished Gracie's Fur Scarf back in June. I love how this fur works up...when knitting with it! I cried when I tried to crochet with it out of sheer frustration!

Bekky's Fur Scarf

I have an envelope all put together and ready to go to the post office - I also picked up some really cute pencil cases for all 3 of my neices and my nephew at a store that was going out of business - forgot to take a picture of them before wrapping them up!


Anonymous said...

Those little Ditty Bags are so cute! I should make one sometime...Just add it to my list! I love the scarf too, and I feel your pain of crocheting with that fur! Unfortuntately, I don't know how to knit all that well. Maybe I should learn...


Mimi said...

So cute ditty bags and oh so pretty scarfs! You're nieces are very lucky!!!

Faith said...

Love the addition of the flowers! Interesting that the fun fur is easier to knit than crochet with ... umm I don't think that's enough to get me to try it though! LOL

ladylinoleum said...

Great bags Kimberly! I agree with you about crocheting with fun fur. Knitting is an easier way to keep track of stitches in a yarn like fun fur. Fun fur stitches just seem to get lost in crocheting.