Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pulse check........still beating?

I think mine is...A bit erratic, but its still going! Busy weekend filled with work, merriment, tram crocheting, square making and even some cooking for a change! Details to follow....

First the work - can we say ugh! I have worked both Sat and Sunday this week....After not leaving Friday night until 10pm, yesterday worked from 6pm until 11pm and then worked on and off today. Crappy deadlines and crappy work!

Tram Crocheting - I am using the Caron Jewel Box yarn that Jessica (my SP from the Summer Secret Pals round) sent to me, to make a cream winter scarf. I am about half way done. I got some weird stares this weekend as I was crocheting on my way to the the usual snicker or two. I am seeing crochet in all of the stores here - berets, scarves, hats, sweaters, pin accessories, earrings, really ugly dangly key chain thing-a-ma-bobs at H&M (tried to take a picture and got yelled at....mean Be-otch!)

Tram Scarf

Square making - I have now finished 13 of my 35 squares - pictures are available here:
35 Squares WIP

Princess Frog - Need some advice here...I keep looking at her poor little mouth and thinking that I need to fix it but the more I look at it the less I am actually thinking that! Here she is (along with the part of her body I have finished) - what's your opinion on her mouth?

Should I Change the Mouth? Half finished Frog Body

Merriment - As a stress relief after leaving work at 10pm on Friday night I joined a group of friends for dancing. We started off first at a Latin bar where we did a little bit of salsa dancing. Then we headed to a club for some really bad techno, trance and hip hop mixes (Even I could not really dance to that shit) and finally ended up at my favorite Irish disco where me and the other Kimberly danced until the wee hours of the morn! Lets just say that the sun was fully out by the time I got home! Also went to brunch this morning with the girls - had a great time giggling over stupid things.....including trying to split the bill into four and who was supposed to get change would think that as accountants we should be able to do this, but no! Not us...hence our amusement!

Cooking - I cooked supper tonight for a change inbetween sending texts to my friend Russ in the London. I marinated overnight some chicken breasts in a spicy sauce called Andalouse. Then served it with some spaghetti and sauce. Very yummy!

Misfit always does a Sunset Sunday picture, so I thought of her when I looked out my window tonight and saw this:
Sunset Picture


MrsFife said...

Aren't sunsets wonderful?!

CraftyCritter said...

Lovely Kimberly!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sunset. And that chicken sounds yummy! Crafts are looking good too. Good job!

Kimberli said...

I like the mouth just as it is!
And the sunset -- lovely!

ladylinoleum said...

Love the mouth..she's a cutie! Keep it!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi honey,

You know there is nothing like a Lake Michigan sunset. Now if I can get Dad to download the ones we took last week then you can show them off to Misfit. Hey guess what--only 19 days to go NOW!!


Sônia Maria said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
I make link of your blog...see ...
I love the ideas you have posted on your page ...
Your blog is one love...
Happy Crocheting!
Sônia Maria