Saturday, August 20, 2005

A slew of thank yous

This post is dedicated to saying thank you to all of you who have sent me something recently. Here goes!

First - A huge thank you to the talented ladies over at Crochetville for the wonderful bookmarks that I received in the Bookmark Swap! I am in awe at the talent that each of you has! Here is a snap of the wonderful bookmarks that came in the mail this week:
Image hosted by

They are from in order of left to right: 123Mama (Pretty White one) ** Terri - Ladysource (Hot pinkish Pepper Shape) ** Celeste (The pretty purple Norwegian Filigree with Lurex in it - Already being put to use in my tram book) ** Fran - a gorgeous white bookmark (Where is the pattern from??)
Kellyv (Sea colored Shell with some pretty beads) ** AngelFairy (Variegated purple and white) ** Micountess - Pastel Multicolored ** Crazycow (Mint green with multicolored border) ** TCsGirl (Pretty yellow flower with green "stem") ** Elizabeth (Green variegated on the bottom)

Many thanks to all of you - your bookmarks are wonderful!!

Second - I owe a thankyou to Priscilla - we are exchanging hooks - Inox for Susan Bates and I received the envelope that she sent - thank you s overy much!! The hooks are perfect!!

Third - Thanks Faith for the nice card and bubble gum! I've been putting a serious dent into both packages!

Fourth - I ordered recently some Monacco threads from Mimi at Crochetville. They came at the beginning of the week. Along with the thread I ordered, Mimi was awesome and sent me a hand made flower applique, chapstick holder (plus some chapstick), scrubbie, headband, keychains, bubble tape, assorted buttons and an extra variegated thread. I was in awe at her generosity! I am really excited about using my new threads! Thanks ever so much Mimi!! Here is a picture of the threads I ordered plus some additional goodies!

Mimi's threads

Time for bed but I will finish updating these tomorrow! Night night!


CraftyCritter said...

WOW, Kimberly those threads are gorgeous! And all your goodies ROCKs!

Glad your back and it looks like you had a great time!

Mimi said...

Thanks Kimberly for the nice photo of the "goodies" you got! I am so thrilled it landed safely and found you!

Oslofia said...

Wow...the bookmarks looks great!!! You can start to read many books now =)

Kat said...

Hey Kimberly,

Thank for the PM! I love that your from W. Michigan. Wow, those bookmarks are amazing!!! I can't wait to get know you better!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! What awesome bookmarks and threads! I too, have been amazed at the generosity of those at crochetville! Hope you're having a great weekend and an even better week!


ladylinoleum said...

You scored girl! That's awesome.

Veronica said...

oooh so pretty!! :))