Monday, August 01, 2005

Just another Manic Monday!!

I wish it was Sunday.....Cause that's my fun day....My I don't have to run day....It's just another manic Monday!!

Hi everyone! Welcome to yet another Monday! Did you know that in Europe, the calendars do not go from Sunday to Saturday? They go from Monday to Sunday! Which if you think about it makes a lot of sense! Just your little bit of trivia for the day!

On to the weekend. My ankle is doing much better! I took it easy all day yesterday and did not even leave the apartment once! My hip is still a bit sore, but I fell pretty hard on it so thats not surprising me! I did manage to finish an additional 3 Snowflakes, including some of the Red with Lurex for my Dad's tree and an additional Peach for my Moms! Here are the picks (the white dots are actually the reflection of the red lurex!):
Red Lurex #1 Red Lurex #2 Peach #2

Also a big thank you to Deneen for the wonderful little package she sent to me as a thank you for helping out with The Christmas in July at Crochetville (I was an elf for this round and had a blast sending out little gifts) Merci Beaucoup Deneen!:

Deneen Gift


Deneen said...

No problem....I hope you feel better. Back and ankle things stink!

Rosesandtea said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Thanks for the kind words on my afghan.

Your snowflakes are lovely - do your parents have themed trees?

Jessi said...

Ok I am glad you are feeling better but a bit upset because I didn;t know you were hurt. That is what I get for not keeping up with everyone's blogs...grr. I hope you well quick, and I am off to read what happened to you. Snowflakes look great by the way.

Faith said...

What beautiful snowflakes!! I hope you're feeling better now!