Thursday, August 25, 2005

*Yawn* A few things before I fall asleep

Well it was a long day as expected again. I got home from work a little after midnight and now its 2 am and I am about ready to go to bed finally!

Before I go I had a funny item waiting for me this morning at work! I received a wonderful little RAOK from a fairy godmama at Crochetville! She sent me a bunch of little goodies, including lotion, soap, chewing gum , Burt Bees lip gloss and a Sic Inch square for a Comfortghan I am slowly putting together! First the should be able to see why I find it funny from the second picture (remember, today is August 24th.....)
RAOK Package

RAOK Postmark

The package only took 7 weeks to arrive! I am sure that my lovely fairy thought that I was being rude and not saying thank-you.....this is NOT the case! Merci Beaucoup!

Here is a look at the other items I received last week but have not been able to post pics of:

From Faith Netherlands Netherlands Brazil

The two pics from Hilversum are the same card - it was one of those pics that change depending how you are looking at it!

And do people manage to find the time to crochet for multiple swaps plus their own projects???? I am really struggling here....I might need to cut way back on the swaps!!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with finding time to do swaps and my own projects too! I don't know how anyones does it...

How funny that ROAK took 7 WEEKS to get there! Glad my box got there in 7 days. It's the one thing I was worried about with having a pal oversesas....


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally received your package! I wuz starting to get worried. Hope you enjoy everything.