Monday, July 18, 2005

Weekend Crocheting Show & Tell

Well, another weekend has passed and while I did not get as much done as I had envisioned, I was able to put a good dent into my WIPs and UFOs as well as a few new projects...I know, I know - enough with the new projects I have more than enough to do on my plate as it is, but I just can not help myself!

First: Dishcloth UFOs - I managed to finish both of them, and while the star is a bit wavy, I still like the final look of both! Have not decided yet if I am going to keep them for myself or send away as a possible be determined!

Dish Cloths

Second: Here are the first three squares that I have finished. I really do not like the one on the top right, so I am only send that one if I can not finish a replacement in time!

3 Squares

Third: I worked up Dot's Ditty Bag - it worked quickly and easily! I added a few rows of half-double stitches for variation - hard to tell though. I would suggest to make the handle a few stitches longer - although I think my crocheting too tightly is the main issue - the handle barely fits over my wrist but since I am sending it to a 7 year old, it is all good! My secret pal has a few girls...I might work up 3 more this week to send in my package to her!

Dot's Bag Closed Dot's Bag Open

Others: I worked on several items but no pictures - Started the head for the Princess Frog - I like how its working up but the French is a bit confusing at times! I worked a little bit on my Grandmother's doily...I might finish it up before Christmas at the rate I am going! I also worked some more on the scarf for my niece (same one who is getting the bag) and finished a few more rows - almost done with it!

I think that is all for now..See - I do on occasion crochet! Well, the scarf was knitting but its still working with my beloved yarn! :) My stash has gone down just a smidgen but that is a good thing...making room for new!


Jessica said...

Busy, busy! Everything looks great!

ladylinoleum said...

Good work girlie!

Sara said...

KEWL! I need to make one of those ditty bags!

Oslofia said...

I love the Ditty Bag!!!!

Jewels said...

love the color you chose for the dittybag!!