Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Streets of the City of Crochet.....

On the streets of the City of Crochet:

On WIP Road there are a few new temporary residents that have taken up squatting rights – including the next fur scarf for my second niece – I was working on it while home and even had her “help” me on a few rows so she can say that she helped! Bekky is 7, and I even gave her some cotton yarn and a hook and showed her the basics of working on a dishcloth before I left – she seemed to really want to learn how, so we will see how it goes since I am back in Belgium and she is in the US!

CAL Avenue has seen three new residents arrive this week. The Cathedral Window has moved in, although the colors have not been determined yet. The Snowflakes in July has also taken up residency for the week of July 25th. And the last new resident on CAL Avenue is the Amigurumi-Along Stuffed Animals for those who are like I was and went Ami-what?!?! Existing resident 63 Squares has seen a temporary delay in construction and has been contemplating a move to UFO Lane.

The Apartments on Finished Objects Boulevard filled up during my holidays, although some residents have decided to leave the City of Crochet and move on to new homes in other blogs! Several apartments were temporarily inhabited by Dishcloths (forgot to take pictures), which left via parcels for some Christmas in July participants (I am not participating in this years CiJ except as an Elf). I also put together a quick doll afghan for my niece to use – she had been using the arm cushions from my mom’s good couch! Picture to come in the next few days – I left it with my mom to weave the ends in (I really hate weaving in ends!!).

A large increase has been seen in the number of residents of Stash Street. While on holidays I picked up a large amount of new yarn, of which 75% was left in the US with my other belongings that are in storage…I went a little bit overboard! I also received when I got back to Brussels a wonderful box of yarn from Heather to work on the Pocket Friends! I traded some Lang Opal thread and some red thread with lurex in it for some "boring worsted weight yarn" (or at least that was Heather's opinion on it - I think that it is perfect and wonderful since it is impossible to buy it here (or at least I've not been able to find it - can find the Sport Weight but at $3 for 50 grams it would get to be a little bit expensive) Oh! I heard a rumour that Lurex is made in Belgium….I might have to check this one out as it would probably be cheaper for me to purchase it here than to keep buying it from US suppliers…will keep everyone updated on this one as I find out more!

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Deneen said...

You have been an awesome elf--so many people are excited by your packages!