Sunday, July 17, 2005

3 down, a whole lot more to do!

Well the weekend has been fun so far! Thursday night my friends Laura and Gil dropped off their cat Mils to spend a two week 'vacation' with me! I am excited to have some company in my apartment - even if I thought that Mils was going to jump off the balcony of my third floor (fourth floor in America - the ground floor is considered 0 here).

Friday during lunch I went into the center and bought almost all of the thread needed to make the Frog Princess - I still need to find the yellow for the crown - they did not have it at the store so I am not sure what I will do (they can not order it in for me) There are a couple of other shops in that same chain around the city - I will start stalking all of them until I find the yellow - what is a Princess without her crown?????

Friday night I went out to Leuven to stay at a friends house with another co-workers - the three of us stayed up talking and crafting away...All on my projects! My friend Zori went to work on my fun fur scarf that I am knitting for my niece - I realized that I've been holding the yarn in the wrong hand as I knit.....oops! That's what happens when I teach myself - now the fun of trying to learn the correct way! My other friend Leen finished up a twelve inch square for my Grandma's afghan (she had started it at the last craft night at my place) and then snaffled one of my Sugar n'Cream cotton balls and made herself a dishcloth - my supply keeps dwindling away of the S'n C :(

Saturday was shopping - picked up the cutest Chinese tea set! It is a Green Tea teapot with the little cups on a bamboo tray - its adorable in cream with green leaves and red dragonflies! I went with Zori to the Yarn shop by my house and managed to leave without making a single purchase! I decided Friday night that I was not going to purchase any more yarn until I had used up some of what I currently own! All four of my tubs are full now and I have still more yarn that I am working on as WIPs that do not fit into the tubs!

And to the title reference, I have completed three of the squares for the square swap over at Crochetville! I only have 32 more to go - yippee!! Pictures will be coming soon!

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Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a great weeekend!